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Donald Trump on his way to US-Mexico border; has Obama been there yet?

Has Barack Obama been to the border yet?

While other GOP candidates are slamming Donald Trump on how he says things and it doesn’t fit the mold of the establishment, “The Donald” is making headlines by doing. Just yesterday, he announced the creation of a national hotline for US veterans to tell their stories and to reassure them if he becomes president he will take care of them.

Now he’s on his way to the United States-Mexico border Thursday and tour with border patrol agents as controversy over his inflammatory remarks about Mexican immigrants continues to draw ire.


Trump, 69, said he was invited to Laredo, Texas, where he will meet with local Border Patrol union leaders, address local law enforcement and speak with reporters at a 2 p.m. press conference.

 Laredo is 96 percent Hispanic.

Trump has sparked a fierce debate among Republicans last month when he referred broadly to Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists. He angered many Republicans this weekend by questioning John McCain’s status as a war hero.

What do you think of Trump scheduled visit to the border to speak with those who actually work there? Good move? Publicity Stunt? Share your views below in our comment section and add to your twitter and facebook timeline.

H/T – NBC News

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