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Donald Trump responds to Gov Haley’s attack: She certainly has no trouble asking me for campaign contributions

GOP front-runner Donald Trump joined Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning to talk about Barack Obama’s State Of The Union speech and what he thought of it. He wasn’t too pleased with the rhetoric and how Obama came across as a weak leader who doesn’t project strength.

Trump learned 10 U.S. soldiers were set free this morning in Iran after we apologized for invading their space, but he reminded the viewing audience, Iran still had American hostages including a pastor who’s been over there for a while now. Trump also reminded Americans it wouldn’t be in the best interest of Iran to keep the soldiers when they have a $150B payment coming from us because of Obama/John Kerry deal that sold us out.

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Trump was then asked about Gov Nikki Haley’s State Of The Union Response that seems to have targeted him for his campaign style of reaching the people and he didn’t hold back on what he thought of her and what she had to say.

Watch the video:

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