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Donald Trump takes pledge to not seek 3rd-party if he’s not nominated but you didn’t see this!

Presidential candidate Donald Trump ruled out the prospect of a third-party White House bid Thursday and vowed to support the Republican Party’s nominee — whoever it may be.

Trump looked much better today. SMOOOOOTH! Not afraid to answer question unlike HILLARY and her little corral of reporters. The best thing going for Trump is he knows that he doesn’t need to take money from anyone on his behalf.

He will let the Super PACs do his dirty work.

Hillary and Jeb have been controlled by the big money. NO ONE CAN BUY TRUMP. That will be hammered home now. That was brilliant stuff by Trump today. He’s not going to have to spend hardly any of his money!!! BRILLIANT!!

It’s very obvious after reading a bunch of the reply to this Trump’s announcement that his signing of the pledge scares the hell out of the liberals and GOP establishment supporters even more.

He will now pick up the support of a bunch of people who were hesitating to support him because of the fear that he might try to run as a third-party independent. They now know that this is very unlikely to happen. Thereby helping them to feel more relaxed about supporting him.

If you combine this along with Hillary’s latest troubles with the FBI and the Justice Dept,.and we can safely feel like Mr. Trump will be our next President.

Get’em, Donald.

Check out the video report here:

I like the NY businessman and I think he has very good ideas. He’s a huge presence and represents the perfect storm of candidates — name recognition, self-funded and super confident.


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