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Donald Trump unveils tax plan that includes major tax reduction – VIDEO!

Here is a video of Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump unveiling a sweeping Tax Reform Policy in a Press Conference today. Trump proposes four income tax brackets instead of seven – 25%, 20%, 10%, and 0%.


A single person making less than $25,000 a year, or married a JOINTLY earn less than $50,000 a year, you will pay no income tax – 0%.

During his announcement, Trump boasted that he pays low taxes because he knows the game.

I’m the only one who’s honest about this thing. I watched Romney, and I watched — “Oh, oh. I pay so much. I pay so much tax” — I watch all politicians … I fight like hell to pay as little as possible. Can I say that? I’m not a politician. I fight like hell, always, because it’s an expense … I fight. I have the best lawyers and the best accountants, and I fight … It’s an expense, and frankly I would feel differently if this country was spending the money wisely instead of throwing it down the drain … All you have to do is look at a list of the things that our government is spending money on right now, and you don’t feel so good about our country.

Check out his tweet from earlier today:

Check out the video report:

Yeah, this is huge! Many people that don’t understand what this successful business person is proposing will run to so-called experts to hear them tear this down, but I suggest you research this on your own and make an informed decision.

What do you think after listening to this announcement? Can it be done?

h/t – FoxNewsInsider

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