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Donald Trump: We Need Jeb Bush Like We Need A Hole In The Head

Donald Trump is just one of those guys. Whether it’s a mixture of amusement and respect or audible loathing, he manages to coax some type of reaction out of pretty much everyone. He’s hard-nosed, hard-lined, and blunt. And when he wants his opinion made, he always makes headlines.

In a recent interview with ABC news one of the most whispered names among the 2016 republican contenders came up, and Trump was not flattering:

I’m a Republican, the last thing we need right now is another Bush,

Just under two years out from the general election, the primary contenders for the GOP are already a rowdy bunch. Whereas the vibe from the democrats is a kind of subdued, let’s put a few feelers out to see if anyone sticks out before we run with Hillary Clinton, at times upwards of a dozen or so names are floated on the republican side.

While democrats main concern is always avoiding low turnout or hemorrhaging votes from their firmly entrenched collection of bases, republicans are continuously seeking inroads with new bases while attempting to not overly alienate what they already have.

By the indications coming from the powers that be in the GOP boardrooms, the answer to that puzzle is after 2016 having three of the last five presidents carry the Bush family name.

Trump, who is one of the most frequent and vocal critics of Barack Obama but also had many bones to pick with George W., is not amused.

I thought Bush was a terrible president. I thought he did a terrible job.

His motives may not be entirely altruistic, as he has become one of the many names tossed around for the GOP during election season. He is predominantly viewed as a socially liberal, fiscally conservative republican. But that shouldn’t be confused with moderate.

Trump has voiced some very harsh rhetoric over the years. About the fiscal policies of president Obama, to be sure, but also about China and what he views as an undue amount of sway they have over our affairs.

As far as seeking the nomination, Trump has said in so many words that he is actively considering it and if none of the potential nominees sufficiently impress him, he will in all likelihood throw his hat into the ring.

The question would be is his interest genuine or self-serving. For someone already as wealthy and famous as he is, how susceptible would he be to special interests? The argument could be made that either way. That he would be a crony like any other or that he lacks any sufficient foothold for an interest group to find purchase.

One thing is certain. Whatever Donald Trump does, he’ll make the national conversation more colorful.

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