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The Wayne Dupree Show Needs Your Help!

The Wayne Dupree Show is radio for the 99% and that includes you!  Unlike commercial radio, we have no rich corporations as sponsors, no deep well of corporate support to keep us on the air. What we have is better – you, the listeners and members of our listening community!

You are our primary sponsors. You provide the bulk of the funding to keep us providing on air unique content that’s not found anywhere else on the radio dial. We can’t do it without you. Check the icons below to explore the wealth of different options we offer for you to support The Wayne Dupree Show. Donate today and help keep this honored and beloved show on the air!

I have been contacted by a few subscribers of mine who told me they wish that they could support me in other ways than just watching the content that I provide on my YouTube channel and website (, and they suggested that I create a Patreon page, so here I am.

Click on this Patreon image to learn more. If you choose not to use Patreon, you can submit a donation via paypal by scrolling below.

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Paypal is the most secure and efficient way to send money across the Web. You don’t have to be a Paypal member in order to donate to the Wayne Dupree Show. You can donate with any credit/debit card, bank account, or your own Paypal account. Click the button below to donate.

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Become a Wayne Dupree Show Partner by committing to a recurring monthly donation to our show. Your generous automatic monthly gift will help us reach our goal of taking our show national for syndication.The cost of joining syndication is $1,500.00 a month. If we can secure a sponsor, your product would be heard by millions across America. Email us at [email protected]

Don’t want to donate online? Send your check or money order, made out to Wayne Dupree, to:

Wayne Dupree
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