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Don’t Blame Me For My Bernie Hostility; My Generation Was Trained To Defeat Socialists

Sanders is going to burn the Democrat party to the ground to force a socialist party to become a communist… Click to Tweet
It’s pathetic to see that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, regardless of how you feel about his positions, has run a good campaign, with grassroots support and no super PAC’s throwing money at him, but he never really had a chance to beat the anointed one, Hillary Clinton.

Sanders is going to burn the Democrat party to the ground to force a socialist party to become a communist one. Remember when the Dems were saying the Republican Party was doomed, and the convention was going to be a fiasco? Welcome to Kismet. That being said, he’s probably right to stay in the race; Hillary is going to get smoked.

Sanders is riding to second place on the backs of disillusioned college students and recent graduates. Bernie’s promising everything from free college to free sex change operations for everyone. Poor philosophy majors. Not even Bernie can force that philosophy factory to start hiring. “It’s not your fault you’re not wealthy! It’s those evil rich people’s fault!”

There’s a nut job like Bernie in every presidential election. Only this time, the first crop of our federally regulated public education system turns thirty this year. They find themselves not able to vote Republican because “the funny people on TV say we shouldn’t” and they’ve seen the homes that Bill and Hillary own and can’t seem to bring themselves to vote for her because she’s rich. Their only choice is Bernie.

Just looking at the tattoos on Sanders’ supporters shows that they lack the ability to think beyond next week. Bernie at 75 is only good for four years. Before Bernie finishes his first term, he’ll be older than Reagan when Reagan left office and Reagan was sharp as a tack during his debates with Carter. Bernie couldn’t survive a Republican debate even now. But you’ll have to forgive me for my hostility towards Bernie, my generation of the US Military was to defeat Socialists.

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