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DON’T EXPECT HIM TO DROP OUT — Cruz to make major announcement today 4pm EST

Sen. Ted Cruz failed to win a delegate in New York last week and took only one delegate out of a possible 118 during five state contest last night. Today, Cruz plans to make a huge announcement regarding his campaign.

Now hopefully nobody thinks Cruz is going to bow out. He’s too stubborn for that. Rumors are circulating that he will announce his Vice Presidential pick and others think it will be some major endorsement. Either way, don’t expect Cruz to leave the race. He wants to be President and will move earth and play by GOP establishment rules to get it.

From Fox News:

The Texas senator hopes to shift the conversation away from front-runner Donald Trump’s five-state sweep on Tuesday as the two rivals battle for a win in Indiana next week. Trump leads Cruz 39-33 percent in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has 19 percent in the polling average.

“Last night was Donald Trump’s night and today is Indiana’s day,” Cruz said Wednesday morning. “Indiana has a chance to speak not only for Hoosiers around the state but people around the country.”

Trump leads Cruz in pledged delegates, 950-560, but Cruz’s strong ground operation has elected many delegate allies to the Republican Convention in July. Cruz, who is mathematically eliminated from winning the GOP nomination outright, is now basing his campaign on the theory that no candidate will get to the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. Cruz believes the battle will proceed to a contested convention, where he hopes to triumph once some pledged delegates become unbound and are free to switch their votes.

While most presidential candidates wait until they have the nomination sewn up to announce a running mate, if Cruz were to select a vice presidential candidate in April – while he’s well behind in delegates – it would follow a pattern of somewhat unconventional campaigning.

What do you think Cruz announcement will be? Share your predictions below on what you think or if you even care.

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