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Dr Ben Carson slams media to their face – you’re supposed to be ally to the people!

Give Dr. Ben Carson credit; he said it in the belly of the beast to their face.

The media, big donor class and the establishment are trying to pick our candidate and will do and say anything to do this.

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In addition to this, there is no crisis in the House involving the speakership. No one on the establishment side are eager to take it as they know the American people are watching and holding them accountable for their lack of effort to seriously stop Obama as well as reverse what he has done.

We WILL vote them out if they do not do this. The Freedom Caucus is NOT creating a crisis as they are only around 40-member strong in the House.

Watch Carson drop common sense and knowledge in a very unique way:

He taking them on and starting to look formidable! What do you think? Will they go after him even harder now?

h/t – YouTube

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