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D’Souza: Clinton Foundation Not A Charity; It’s a Bribery Receptacle Masquerading As Charity!

Dinesh D’Souza is one man who has no fear of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They tried to destroy his life, and he’s back with a fury. His successful new movie Hillary’s America is re-opening in theaters this month, and he’s getting the message out about Hillary and who she is.

I agree with D’Souza; charities don’t collect this amount of money yet only give such a small percent to legally maintained and ran charities. A front, nothing more than a sham that brings a bad reputation and smell to those charitable organizations that do good work to help poor and needy people. Where is the IRS to investigate the status of this house of sticks?

I’ve read many articles (on the web) that only 15% of the donations to the Foundation are distributed to charities. I will say it is almost impossible to gain a personal wealth of $100 million (or more) in very few years. I suppose if the amount is inherited or if one wins a lottery it’s possible.

Watch Dinesh break it down in this segment with Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson:

It’s nothing more than a money laundering system to pad HRC’s pockets. She owes too many favors to too many people. Dangerous! If anyone thinks Benghazi was “just an attack,” better think again. There’s a reason she turned a blind eye. She has the blood of American lives on her hands. I have two words for her… Judgement Day!

Thank you D’Souza! Keep pounding the truth into people’s heads. Hillary is a crook and should not even be running for President. Just fascinates me how the Clintons manage to fall into the manure pile and keep coming up roses.

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