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DUPREE: Barack Obama – the finger pointing President

Seven years ago, in the afterglow of a stirring election night in Chicago, commentators dared ask whether the United States had finally begun to heal its divisions over race and atone for the original sin of slavery by electing its first black president. It has not. Not even close.

Barack Obama came in as a uniter, but it soon developed that he as an agitator and community organizer was not suited to that  job, he has separated the people of the United States more than they have ever been separated. He broke the country into groups based on race, religion, gender, creed, culture, national origin, and by any other seam that existed in this country. He has  emphasized the differences, rather than the similarity of Americans. So what else could have happened based on this.

Obama is prone to pointing fingers rather than striving for reconciliation. That stokes the fires.

For example, after the George Zimmerman trial, he seemingly didn’t accept the verdict and the Justice Department said they would pursue their own investigation (which they later dropped). The jury had it right. At the time they returned the verdict, it was the president’s job to call for respect for the justice system instead of demonstrating the opposite.

Of course, he also said: “Middle-class kids don’t get locked up for smoking pot, and poor kids do,” he said. “And African-American kids and Latino kids are more likely to be poor and less likely to have the resources and the support to avoid unduly harsh penalties.”

More us vs them. If you’re locked up for “smoking pot,” it’s likely because you had a large quantity and are likely to be dealing.

Of course, selling pot isn’t an issue with the president. Despite federal laws on the books, he’s instructed the Justice Dept. to ignore states that “legalize” the sale of it.

That pattern of choosing to enforce federal law based on his personal politics is also seen in immigration enforcement.

When Arizona passed laws to enforce federal immigration law, the Justice Dept. stepped in to stop that effort.

Obama also points fingers when it comes to international issues. See his mocking comments recently directed towards critics of his Iran deal.

Add it all up and you have someone who engages in personal politics instead of adopting a more neutral presidential position.

Given his personal politics are more liberal than most Democrat office holders at the national level, it’s not surprising then that he has encountered stiff opposition.

What a wasted opportunity by Obama. The one thing he could have done to move the country forward…. and he fails. All that said, I think his intentions are good.

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H/T – New York Times/CBS News poll

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