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DUPREE: Levin endorses Cruz; Is this news? Really?

And everyone was surprised conservative talk show host Mark Levin endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, said no one ever about this endorsement.

If you are a Levin fan, this is not meant to anger you at all, so bear with me.

The fact is, Levin has been endorsing Cruz for the last two months without saying it and attacked many of his listeners who supported other candidates. Let me give you another cold fact if you are a Levin fan you probably already support Cruz and that’s fine, but as I am a listener and not a disciple, and I see issues.

Levin has been slamming Sen. Marco Rubio for the last couple of months along with Donald Trump. I heard him once say on his show none of the candidates will join his show even though he’s left the front door open for dialogue. The only regular candidate that finds love and peace there is Ted Cruz.

That’s why this endorsement is hollow to me, but that’s his right.

Many of Levin’s “disciples” love to hear Mark throw people off the air while yelling and throwing tirades at our elected officials (i.e., Cruz is an elected official in DC), it makes most of them feel as if they are doing it. Yes, Levin is a voice for some and major headache to others.

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Mark can cite the Constitution up and down, that’s what he has been doing for years, that’s his field of dreams, but it doesn’t put people back to work or food on the table, and that needs to be addressed as 95M Americans are unemployed and 56M are on food stamps. Forgive me but the constitution isn’t the #1 issue at dinner tables these days. Voters want to go back to work, earn a steady paycheck, and many of us want to trust our government officials again.

Our Constitution is our governing blueprint, our template on how to run the government for the people, by the people. The government has gone rogue on the voters that put them there, and Levin uses his show as the stop gap, and many love him for it.

But let me deliver some more news to you, Levin just does not get it! With all the greatness bestowed upon him by his disciples, a hard right candidate like Ted Cruz is not going to win the GENERAL election. Cruz can’t draw the needed crossover voters needed to win a national election and anyone thinking he can don’t realize that’s a unicorn dream.

Cruz doesn’t connect to voters outside the evangelical base, and that will be a huge problem with independents and crossovers. By the way, Cruz is every bit part of the establishment and is now picking up the Bush supporters and backroom establishment dealmakers.

Many of the conservative movement (Levin, Rush, etc), are so emotionally invested in the return of Ronald Reagan’s spirit that they are willing to see in Cruz qualities that are just not there. Cruz needs experience and accomplishments before he could even walk in the shadow of Reagan.

Levin is needed for his people, but there is a greater number of non-listeners out there that won’t get fed because the Great One has no message for them. I am not asking Mark to be savior to them but I am asking him to be honest.

I am opening this up for dialogue. Let me hear your input and where you stand on this issue in the comment section below. I am reading, and I will reply if prompted.


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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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