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DUPREE: Most of the anger directed at Muslims can be placed on their own doorstep

Aren’t we are always told Muslims are peaceful?

When they are pulled over or questioned, they seemed to have an attitude as if it’s beneath them.

We’re told there are billions around the world and the radical ones are small in number, so why is the majority running away from the minority in the #SyrianRefugee crisis? Why should American defend the peaceful Muslims when we are not even sure  who is what and who stands for whatever.

Where are the billions of voices when it comes to denouncing the actions of a few? It’s because the media and the Muslims around the world are probably practicing “Taqiyyah.”


The reason may be even moderate Muslims, and institution do not denounce, strongly enough, the terrorist and other extremist acts committed by Muslim extremists, in the name of their religion Islam.

If every time a terrorist act is committed by extremist Muslims, all the vocal Muslims and Muslims leaders (of institution such as CAIR) and make sure their denouncements get a lot of publicity, in fact they should pay for the publicity, though payment may not be necessary as Western media would be more than willing to publicize their denouncements.

If true Muslims, know that Islam is peaceful, then they should have no problem in strongly denouncing acts committed by extremist Muslims in the name of Islam, as such acts gives their religion a very bad name, reputation, etc.


And another thing that Western Muslims can do to reduce the anger against them is to try not make unusual demands, e.g., air hostess not want to pour wine for the passengers, insisting on wearing hijab etc (which a lot of Muslims women in the East still do not wear, though even there some Muslims are forcing this on their women) as sale persons, insisting on break for prayers during work hours. I.e., instead of forcing the majority to accommodate their demands, they should make adjustments to their religious observations.

The Muslim community cries out poor us, we are people of non-violence, but I never hear any words from them when the bad Muslim’s are out killing or destroying. They should be telling the world that the people who claim to be Muslim are actually human trash that needs to be stopped.

These radical Muslims also claim to be peaceful and they are following the Koran. When both are claiming the same belief, who is telling the truth. So we do not trust any Muslim.

Sure they can argue freedom of religion, rights and laws, etc. but using the laws to force the society to accept their demands may not endear them to the community as a whole.

They should just look at the Muslim countries and observe how many adjustments non-Muslims living in Muslim countries make. Western Muslims should also think about why they or their ancestors left the Muslims countries.

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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