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Dupree slams Obama, poverty posse for failed black leadership via Fox and Friends

Trouble is brewing once again in Ferguson, Missouri despite the

Justice Department report that exonerates Officer Darren Wilson from any wrongdoing in the shooting of Michael Brown. If the shooting of Michael Brown was justified, what then is driving the animosity between the residents of Ferguson and their government, and more so, between white and black America?

Although the Justice Department did cite racist behavior among some government officials, such behavior does not explain the unrest that has been experienced across the country. Perhaps it would be more effective to address the root causes of the problem rather than continuing the false “hands up, don’t shoot” mantra.

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Conditions for the black community in America certainly are not ideal, unemployment is high, and an increasing number of black Americans are living in poverty. While black Americans have been more severely affected by the weak economy, white Americans have been experiencing higher unemployment and poverty levels as well. The fact that both communities share a common problem should be a uniting factor rather than one that divides, and it appears that some in the black community are beginning to recognize that racism may not be the cause of this problem.

Bob Ross, President of the Prince Georges County Maryland NAACP recently appeared on “The Laura Ingraham Show” and questioned the amount of resources being used for illegal immigrants when people in this country are still suffering.

“Our kids have dreams too,” he said. “I want to be real clear about that. They keep saying: the DREAMers, DREAMers, DREAMers. We have dreams also. Every child that is native-born in this country has a dream. We should not have to sacrifice for newcomers that are coming in and not followed the process.”

Wayne Dupree, ACU Blogger of the Year, talk show host and founder of WAAR Media, echoed those sentiments on “Fox and Friends” this morning.

“You can’t have millions of dollars going to illegals based on Obama’s Executive Amnesty and then expect the black community to be happy about it. The black community right now has failed leadership within the Congressional Black Caucus who are sitting by and defending illegals getting … all these things,” he said, citing tax refunds and other government benefits being handed out to illegal aliens. “We have people that are disgruntled at the system, but the system is being run by failed black leaders.”

The fact that virtually all of the new jobs being created in this country are going to immigrants explains why so many Americans are not feeling the effect of the economic recovery the Obama administration claims we are having. These claims of improving economic conditions do not put food on our tables, nor do they translate into a brighter future for our children, and that is true for both black and white Americans. Perhaps the reason Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton are so intent on dividing us is to prevent us from recognizing our shared problems, and more importantly, recognizing the cause of those problems.

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James P Willis lives with his family in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is a Cold War submarine veteran, political activist, and retired industrial mechanic. James is currently an Editor / Contributor for NewsNinja2012, a freelance writer, and his blog can be found at

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