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DUPREE: The liberal agenda was not created to protect or support the black community

How many of you have heard many blacks and white liberal pundits argue that the reason that crime exists in black low-income areas in due to no jobs or opportunities and feelings of despair that result.

As a black man myself let me say that this “explanation” as to why lawless and crime exists in black low-income inner city communities ONLY PERPETUATES its existence.

Not every black person that lives in impoverished conditions resort to crime. It is a “choice” that is made, and more than likely it is part of a pattern of choices made by that particular person. Telling a young black man who the reason he murdered someone or committed arm robbery – while it may satisfy ones self-centered political agenda – does absolutely nothing but further harm that young black man by condemning him and all others like him to a life of being imprisoned by a lack of accountability to others and themselves. Excuses don’t empower anyone, it only further impoverishes them.

Being responsible for your actions, decisions, and choices in your life is what empowers them. Excuses like poverty and lack of education only makes them “POWERLESS”.

When you see young black men hanging on a street corner, with no job and no education, their being on that street corner more likely is the result of a self-destructive pattern or wrong choices and decisions they made leading up to that point. If those leaders and movements on the left truly cared about “black lives” – this is what they would be addressing. But I don’t believe that liberal and democratic leaders truly care about black lives or black people.

Black people are merely a voting block to them, part of the electorate whose vote they can always depend upon to help keep them in power. And as long as black people continue to believe that they are victims they will look to the democratic party as supposedly having the answer to their victimization.

As for blacks on the Left who are down with this indoctrination of black people that they are victims – who see blacks like me as a sellout, who is misguided . . . well I won’t go into why the reverse is actually true. But I believe that time will show that “they” are the ones who have actually SOLD OUT black people, and they are the ones that were misguided – guided by greed, hunger for political power, and bitterness.

Nothing will change for the black community until they quit blaming others ... Click to Tweet

Nothing will change for the black community until they quit blaming others and take responsibility for their own actions and problems. Vietnamese boat people arrived here knowing no English and are thriving. Other minority groups did likewise. The difference? They didn’t blame others and sought government handouts and that’s the stone cold facts.

They met the challenge by themselves knowing full well that they may not see the results in their life time but put forth the effort that enabled their children and grandchildren to prosper. We can do it too!

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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