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Eastwood on Trump: “He seems to have a fearless attitude… he’s great”

Actor Clint Eastwood opened up to what he thought of the GOP field of candidates during this interview with Mario Lopez of Extratv.

Asked what he thought of the current crop of candidates, Eastwood stated “I think there’s quite a few of them who are really good people”.

He spoke of Donald Trump, “He’s seem to have a fearless attitude… he’s great”.

Of Ben Carson “A common sense guy.”

He went on to mention Rubio and Cruz but concluded, “Anyone of them would be better than what we’ve got”.

Clint is a common sense type of guy, but you have to take him at his word, he hasn’t picked anyone yet, so anything you’ve seen out there that says he has been nothing but junk.

Eastwood was celebrating the first annual fall fundraiser for the “Eastwood Ranch Foundation” run by his daughter Alison.

Watch the video.  He’s a very insightful guy!


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