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Ebola causes mass panic in Nigeria, could the US be next?

Ebola is wreaking havoc and ensuring panic in Nigeria, and it is no laughing matter. Nigeria is a long ways away from the United States, but with travel the way it is today, all it would take for the lethal virus to hit American soil is one plane ride from an infected person. For years scientists have been warning about the very real possibility of a pandemic hitting the United States, and the entire world. Americans have been warned so many times in fact that now it’s easy to laugh about it. Nothing has happened. Every year, when flu season begins, scientists and officials warn that we are but a breath away from a mass flu pandemic, like the one in 1918 that killed somewhere between 20-40 million people.

Wake up America, we’re ripe and ready for a hit of this magnitude. God’s judgement is upon this country. The scoffers, including Christians, will laugh at the presumption that God is judging this country and the world for making of mockery of Him. But just like in the days of Noah, people carry on with their daily lives, giving no heed to the screaming signs around them. The day of the Lord is drawing nigh, and when it comes, it will catch everyone by surprise.

It is time to stop laughing about this country’s imminent destruction. It doesn’t have to be Ebola that wipes out a large percentage of the population, but what is transpiring in Nigeria right now is enough to give everyone pause. Nigeria’s largest city Lagos has its first patient with the disease, and its largest hospital has been quarantined. Why is this major news? Lagos is a city of 21 million people, the largest in Africa. Time reports:

Nigeria has evacuated and quarantined a hospital in the city of Lagos after a patient died from Ebola, the first reported case to reach one of Africa’s most densely-populated countries.

Reuters reports that the patient, Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for Liberia’s finance ministry, collapsed shortly after his flight landed at Lagos airport on July 20. He died while in treatment at First Consultants Hospital. Health officials said that doctors and nurses who came into contact with Sawyer have been isolated and closely monitored.

In Sierra Leone, a prominent doctor, Sheik Umar Khan, who was instrumental in the fight to contain the virus died on Tuesday, roughly one week after the government disclosed that he had contracted the virus, the BBC reports. The news comes after a Liberian doctor died of the virus over the weekend and two Americans, Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, continued to struggle under intensive care in Monrovia, Liberia.

The number of Ebola cases continues to climb in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, where the virus has infected 1,201 people and claimed 672 lives since it was first reported in West Africa in February, according to the World Health Organization. But the emergence of the disease in Lagos, a city of 21 million people, has officials fearing a greater challenge to containment.

Nigerian officials said that they were monitoring 59 people who came into contact with Sawyer, including doctors, nurses and people at the airport. However, the airline on which he arrived in Lagos had not yet released the names of passengers.

Ebola is transmitted directly from person to person through bodily secretions, including blood, sweat, and saliva. Though it is not spread by coughing or sneezing directly, it is if a person comes in contact with someone with the virus, and then touches their nose, mouth, or eyes. So if someone on a plane is experiencing symptoms of the disease, such as vomiting or diarrhea, and uses a restroom on an airplane, any person that uses the lavatory after this would be exposed to the virus. The disease is also transmitted after death. With symptoms mimicking the flu and other routine diseases, it is hard to determine with precision a person has Ebola, until the “telltale” sign appears: bleeding from the mouth, nose, and rectal bleeding. By then it is too late.

So all that would need to happen is an infected person jump on a plane and land in America. Ebola is most definitely not the top concern for Americans, nor should it be. There are too many threats out there for this to be the country’s worst fear. But it is a real and legitimate fear, and one that should not be taken lightly.

America is ripe for judgement. This country has scoffed at Almighty God, mocked His name at every turn. John Piper commented on the sequences of sin in Leviticus 18, that brought Canaan to its knees. They include, in precise order: Adultery, abortion, homosexuality, and bestiality. Every one of these can be checked off in sequential order. Also, America’s audacious treatment of Israel makes this country ripe for judgement. Israel is the apple of God’s eye, His chosen people, and to go against His people ensures guaranteed destruction and disaster.

America’s days of greatness are over and they will never come again. Yes, an Ebola plague is a real possibility, as much as an EMP attack, terrorist attack, or any other disease outbreak. It is coming, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

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Janna Brock is a staunch Christian conservative with a passion for writing about all topics that have to do with civil liberties, the gay agenda, Islam, and the the atrocities of the Obama Administration.

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