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Ebony Mag Apologizes for Senior Editor’s Lack of Judgement towards RNC Williams; Still no word from Lemieux

NOTE: Ebony Magazine apologized. I checked Jamilah Lemieux twitter timeline and at the time of this posting, she has not properly apologized.

Yesterday, a senior editor for EBONY, Jamilah Lemieux, attacking black conservative RNC staffers, Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, who tried to challenge her assumptions and called her out for her bias.

Lemieuxresponded by dismissing him as “a white dude.” (He’s black.) She then went on to refer to her detractors as “a house of roaches.” She said she had “no interest in this conversation.” “I wish I knew less” about black Republicans, she said. (You can read more in National Review and watch Raffi’s appearance on Fox and Friends.)

Let me reiterate, Ebony Magazine has written an apology for the incident (Please check out Lemieux‘s twitter timeline, there is no apology from her.) Ebony Magazine has figured to draft their apology on their website to drive traffic to it. I won’t do that.

Here is the letter:


As Chairman Priebus said, we hope “we can use this unfortunate episode as a catalyst for greater engagement and understanding between the Republican Party and black America.”

What are you thoughts. Share them below.

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