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Election day 2014: from the Citizen Journalist and New Media point of view

10723274_848593601858865_1757633946_nAre you tired of the Mainstream Media’s endless string of punditocracy spewing drivel and spin every election night? Are you wondering how normal people would react to certain races?

Well look no further than the Internet. This Tuesday at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific, the New Media begins dissecting the election even before the Mainstream Media does. Beginning with Annie “The Radio Chick” and her show Southern Sense. Here is a synopsis of her Tuesday show:

This show is dedicated to: USMC Cpl Ross Hartwig, killed in action February 9, 1952 in Korea
Defending the Republic with Annie “The Radio Chick” and Dan, of Pundit Press Radio is an ongoing discussion of recent events, issues and the upcoming elections.
Special Guests
Dan Butcher, Editor of Pundit Press
Pundit Press is one of the leading and most well-respected news and information websites on the internet today. Pundit Press offers breaking news, in-depth reporting, and opinion writing.
Pundit Press Radio has quickly become one of the leading internet broadcasters with some of the top conservative hosts and shows on the web today.
Regis Giles, is the creator and owner of
“The attack line” — aimed at painting Republicans as out of sync with women on contraception, abortion and other issues — isn’t resonating like in 2012, when Democrats hurled it at the GOP with devastating effect. Instead, Republicans have improved their standing among women during this election cycle, narrowing the gender gap in key races that could decide control of the Senate.
The dynamic reflects the painstaking efforts among Republicans to avoid the mistakes of 2012. This time around, there aren’t any candidates talking about “legitimate rape” or “binders full of women.” And the GOP put up strong female candidates in states like Iowa and Michigan, making it harder for Democrats to attack them as opposed to the interests of women.
It’s a battle of Conservative values and principles in defense of our Republic!

Then at 4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific, Wayne Dupree and WAAR Media are going to have balls to the wall coverage of the election with Decision Desk 2014. Gene Berardelli of Behind Enemy Lines w/Gene Berardelli and Russ Gallo (live every Wednesday at 10 PM Eastern) and Vito Palmeri and Vito DiGiovanni of the Vito and Vito Show (live every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern) will host live election coverage as they come in. WAAR Media contributors will also chime in with results and also what it means for common people. And definitely expect some high-quality articles from the staff of WAAR Media during the election.

Also, the gang at Ace of Spades (and also the Moron Horde of Ace of Spades HQ) will be having the Ace of Spades Decision Desk where they will be bringing in updates from people who will be monitoring the state Secretary of State websites for election results all across the nation.

While it looks like there is nothing going on over at ANM News this election as far as radio shows and the like, there will most definitely be some high-quality articles from the staff there as well. So keep an eye to the site for anything new.

Even my own blog at Rick Bulow, New Media will be busy monitoring the election races.

So if you want to experience the 2014 election with a fresh, new look, come check out the sites of the New Media. After all, as one Andrew Breitbart was fond of saying, “The New Media is picking up where the Old Media has failed.”


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