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Embarrassing! Chuck Norris hasn’t endorsed Cruz and will not be campaigning with him this weekend

Wow, this has to be super-embarrassing!

The Ted Cruz campaign announced a couple of days ago that Actor/Film Star Chuck Norris had endorsed the Texas Senator for the GOP nomination.  The fact is Norris hasn’t endorsed him and won’t be endorsing anyone.



From World Net Daily:

“Late Wednesday evening, we learned that Chuck Norris will not be attending the rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has not officially endorsed any candidate for president,” the PAC announced Thursday.

“We regret that our publicity implied otherwise and apologize to Mr. Norris and our rally participants for the confusion.”
Rumors about Norris making a presidential endorsement were false, according to Jeff Duclos, a spokesman for Norris.

Norris said in a statement to The Blaze that each Republican candidate has “strong points” and “some have the potential to be great presidents.”

“I would like to clarify for the record that I have NOT officially endorsed any candidate for president, contrary to what has been widely reported in the media,” Norris said in a statement provided to The Blaze Wednesday.

“I am going to let the citizens of America decide who they think would be the best candidate for the GOP,” Norris said.

“When the candidate is decided, I will support that person enthusiastically.”

I’m glad to hear. He is finally showing that he is smarter than the one he previously endorsed. And anybody that thinks he thinks like a “Hollywood” has lost all ability to think or lives in a world that no one else does. Or they have no idea who Chuck Norris is. And I seriously doubt they would ever say that to him face to face … only here.

h/t – Townhall, Chuck Norris Facebook

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