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ENDA: Obama crushes religious liberty with his pen and phone

On Monday, July 21, 2014, President Obama irrevocably altered the course of religious liberties with the stroke of a pen and the use of his phone. With a quick executive order, he signed away the rights of Christians in America to freely exercise their religion. Ironically, the legislation is entitled ENDA, or the Employment Non Discrimination Act. It bars workplace “discrimination” on the basis of sexual identity or orientation. It marks the “end” of exercising religious liberties in the workplace, but also the end of hiring on the basis of merit.

In a year of sweeping victories for the LGBT movement, this is undoubtedly the most damaging order for Christians. Embedded within the word “discrimination” is privilege for LGBT, and punishment for those who chose not to hire one of this class distinction. President Obama signing the order in such a tumultuous time is strategic. For it makes it less of an issue, and one that will likely go unnoticed amongst war in the Middle East, illegal immigration, and a handful of other issues. Sickeningly, the act is seen as a civil rights issue, as evidenced by Representative Mike Quigley (D-IL) impassioned plea for its passage some months ago. It never made it, which leads Americans to this exact moment.

If Christians thought homosexual marriage was putting religious liberty in a coffin, ENDA is the nail that seals the coffin. Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council expressed his opinion on the matter and what it truly means for Christians.

This morning President Obama gathered a group of LGBT activists at the White House to sign an executive order mandating that all federal contractors and subcontractors — regardless of their religious and moral convictions — give special treatment to homosexuals, transgenders, and cross-dressers in the workplace. This action is wrong on the merits, because it accepts the premise that distinctions based on actual conduct — such as homosexual behavior and cross-dressing — should be treated the same way as distinctions based on immutable and innocuous characteristics like race. This order gives activists a license to challenge their employers and, expose those contracted employers to threats of costly legal proceedings and the potential of jeopardizing future contracts. The order further burdens contractors by stripping away their right to set dress and grooming standards. All this amounts to viewpoint blackmail and bullies into silence those contractors and subcontractors who have moral objections to homosexual behavior. This morning President Obama told the assembled group of activists, “We’re on the right side of history.” Mr. President, being on the wrong side of the natural law is never being on the right side of history.”

If a LGBT person is not hired, he or she could sue for any number of reasons, without any burden of proof needed. Religious exemptions are not allowed with the passage of ENDA. Obama is willingly and knowingly opening up Christian businesses and employees to the gates of LGBT hell, and with it to harassment, lawsuits, and any form of bullying the gay mafia can swing. They’ll use every brute tactic they have available and the law will be on their side.

President Obama is a man on a mission to cut Christians off at the knees, and he successfully amputated the limbs of every Christian in America with the executive passage of ENDA. American culture is in a free fall, spinning into the abyss, its collapse aided Obama’s phone and a pen.

About Janna Brock

Janna Brock is a staunch Christian conservative with a passion for writing about all topics that have to do with civil liberties, the gay agenda, Islam, and the the atrocities of the Obama Administration.

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