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European Union Getting “Tough” with Putin via Trade Sanctions

Interestingly enough, what we continue to see related to Ukraine is the war of words and threats. Though war has not yet broken out there (thankfully), if things do not change, we can bet war is on the agenda.

I find it interesting that many people are blaming Putin for the situation in Ukraine. I’m not convinced. Obviously, there is more than the mainstream media is willing to tell us about what has gone on in Ukraine, including what officially led to the former Ukrainian president not only stepping away from the bargaining table with the European Union (EU), but also as president of that country.

We know that the reason Viktor Yanukovych stepped down (or was ousted, depending upon how you look at it), from being president of Ukraine likely had to do with several things:

  • pressure from the EU that would prompt Ukraine to give up sovereignty and to have to play by EU’s rules, and
  • pressure from Putin because of Russia’s investment in Ukraine, including the amount of money ($1.5 billion) owned to Russia for natural gas purchases

When considering that the EU essentially started with five countries in 1952 (officially) – Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – and has grown to include 28 members countries in 2014, we can see that the EU has gained much ground. However, it has done so on the backs of the nations that have become part of it. Every nation in the EU has voluntarily given up its own state/national sovereignty. Their flag flies underneath the EU flag.

Along with that, there are plenty of rules that are foisted upon each member nation that does not allow that nation to store food, for instance. Storing food for the people of their own country means less food for the “free market” of the EU, in which everyone is supposed to participate.

The EU itself sees no real borders among those member nations. In essence then, a company that is created by the EU leadership doesn’t have to worry about borders of the countries that are part of the EU. That company is truly a country that supersedes those borders and would not pay tariffs, etc., from one country to the next within the EU.

In essence, the EU is a mini-empire in its own right, controlled by the EU leadership. Just as in the real world, an empire can do anything it likes within the confines (borders) of that empire, so too does the EU enjoy such freedom. Is it any wonder then that the leaders of the EU (who work for the Global Elite – GE), want more countries to become part of the EU?

Is it any wonder why Putin, who understands this, would want to keep Ukraine from becoming part of the EU too? If Ukraine joins the EU, Russia may lose all that they’ve put into Ukraine. They will no longer be able to work with Ukraine (unless it’s through the EU) as they can now.

Ukraine’s choice is to either go with the EU, go with Russia, or try to remain free of both. This last option is not the best because not only is Ukraine dealing with economic problems of its own, but it’s also very possible that the GE via the U.S. has just looted Ukraine of 33 tons of their own gold.

Then again, this is what the GE does, mainly using the U.S. They call it spreading democracy. I call it stealing, but who am I?

But because the EU does not like the fact that Crimea has voted to go with Russia, Russia may start feeling the heat from the EU (and the U.S.). The EU believes the best way to negatively impact Russia (aka Putin) is by turning up the heat economically. No, that’s not the best way, as someone like Putin only understands force and right now, he’s not seeing any. Does he care if Russia is made to feel economic pain? I can’t imagine it.

The reaction to Crimea’s vote to go with Russia is a trade war. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. “Europe began to prepare for a possible trade war with Russia over Ukraine on Friday, with the EU executive in Brussels ordered to draft plans for much more substantive sanctions against Moscow if Vladimir Putin presses ahead with Russian territorial expansion.”

Do these guys not realize that Putin has been busy moving troops and armaments into the Ukraine/Crimea area in the off-chance that war might break out? They apparently believe that Putin is bluffing and that he really won’t start a war. I’m not sure he’ll start a war either, but he may very well see more sanctions and an attempted trade war as good enough reason to say the war has already begun.

Putin is not going to lie down and let the EU’s sanctions roll over him. It’s almost a bit hilarious. While perceived pansies Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, David Cameron, and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeld gather around the table with looks of consternation wondering how to “draft” their plans for larger sanctions against Putin, Putin has his eye on the prize and is ostensibly prepared to use military force to defend what he believes is his.

I’m not saying Putin is right. I’m simply saying that he appears to be unafraid and the guys in the EU don’t seem to have a clue. Neither does President Obama. Then again, these guys (unlike Putin) are taking orders from the GE, so what can we expect?

But please note that, “The EU and the interim Ukrainian government have now signed part of a political and trade pact, the issue that led to the crisis last November that ultimately triggered a revolution in Kiev and Russian intervention in Crimea.”

What this means is that Ukraine is moving toward joining the EU officially. This isn’t going to sit well with Putin and he may consider it an act of aggression for which he believes he will need to defend Ukraine against a “foreign takeover.”

In the meantime, the rhetoric continues.

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