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Even CNN Democratic strategist has concerns about the “whitest field ever”

Honestly, I am glad CNN political commentator and former green jobs advisor to President Obama Van Jones exposed the Democratic Party’s main problem tonight with the first Democratic Debate to be held on television. Jones deviated from the original topic given to him by Jake Tapper to say the following “this is the whitest field that we have seen since 1992.″


He continued, “I think this whole party has a problem. This is the whitest field that we have seen since 1992. There’s no Sharpton. There’s no Carol Moseley Braun. There’s no non-white people there, and this is a party that has to get, not 60%, not 70%, not 90%, but 94% of the black vote to win. This is a big problem for the whole party. The Clintons get the black vote by default, but nobody has made a case yet Jake, that they can do better. If Biden gets in, he might be able to make that case, but Bernie Sanders has so much room to grow with the black vote, he should take the opportunity tomorrow to make his case why a white guy from Vermont should get the support of a party with that much black participation.”

Democrats know and think Americans are stupid and they can throw anyone up there saying they are for black people if they just keep talking about the handout, lying about Women’s health issues, successful business people who have made it that won’t give back, etc.

Watch below:

h/t – Daily Caller

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