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eVoiceAmerica looks to help gather your voices to stop influx of #SyrianRefugees

eVoiceAmerica is a new and efficient way of gathering your voices to speak as one against members of Congress who have shut off communication channels between you and them.

We have talked until we are blue in the face as individuals and even in small groups, trying to find ways to wake up our representatives and let them know not only are we watching them but we are going to hold them accountable for each and every bad decision they make that results in destroying our Republic.

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eVoiceAmerica is leading the way. If you’ve never been to their website, you have to make it a point to visit.

Now Americans can provide their on-going, personal opinions directly to their constituent-matched, personal list of DC elected reps (that recurs each time you log on) using our new, user-friendly, citizen-participation/involvement take-action internet technology and be counted. eVoiceAmerica harvests real-time, anonymous Yes/No percentages on your opinions, including DC rep recipients you email, and shares with America and the media how Americans are trending on the issues in real time and over time.

Today’s top subject is Syrian Refugees and how the Obama Administration has decided they are going to do whatever they want and to hell with us all that care about our great country.

eVoiceAmerica is speaking out on the issue and sending bold messages to Congress on a repeated basis and have attached names of American, who have joined who believe what the DC cartel is doing is wrong for our nation.

Here is an entry by an American who signed up to make a difference:

On Syrian Refugees – The acceptance of Syrian refugees (10K now and 200K more by 2017) goes to the heart of defending our national security and our democratic culture. In these numbers we can consider this a Syrian invasion that will inevitably include murderous Jihadists infiltrating our society because there is no possible way to identify and screen for them. Introducing this foreign population who refuse to assimilate or adopt our values will cause violent disruption and increased Balkanization within our country. can stop these civilizational threats — Sandy Brazier

Here is an entry from the website on how they do what they do toget your message across:

Why Use eVoiceAmerica – we can convey mega millions of our opinions and eVotes daily to each member of Congress, creating an American mandate opposing the Syrian resettlements within the US. eVoiceAmerica captures and publishes these mandates for each member of Congress requiring that they take any / all measures to prevent it. With this information, we will know which Congressional reps voted this mandate and which didn’t. Using eVoiceAmerica, we now hold the lever of power to halt these threats that would destroy our way of life — Dee Jeffries

I trust this site 100%, and I wholeheartedly endorse them. Check them out and if you like them, sign up and share with your friends and family! They are doing great work and need have their message shared!



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