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EXCLUSIVE: More Potential Twitter Troubles For Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

After it broke that the woman who is “Committed to applying justice equally and fairly” according to her Twitter bio was “hacked” by someone who took that opportunity to do absolutely nothing more than favorite two controversial tweets, (yeah right, and pigs fly) I wanted to see if those tweets were still favorited by her account. When I realized they weren’t, I went to the list of people that she follows on Twitter to see if the questionable accounts were still enjoying the company of the impartial prosecutor. What I found there was much worse that calling cops “thugs” or making vague allusions to a “certain type of white people.”

DISCLAIMER: I am well aware of the fact that you can’t control what other people say on social media, so I’m not blaming the following tweets on Mrs. Mosby. You are, however, in control of who you follow, which is the point of this article.


On Marilyn Mosby’s twitter page, as shown above, she follows 1,900+ people. One profile she follows stood out to me, and it was that of “So many” [email protected] The red arrows point to all of the pertinent information, including proof that is IS in fact Mrs. Mosby’s page.


For further proof, I grabbed a screenshot of the followers of “So many” and those followers include one Marilyn J. Mosby.


I scrolled through the tweets from this page, which is, I hope, simply a trolling profile. While all of them bothered me, the second tweet from the top really caught my attention. The fact that this person also tagged Mrs. Mosby in these tweets is also quite disturbing. While it may be very difficult to keep track of all of the tweets sent out during the day, it’s less difficult to keep track of the tweets in which you are tagged. If you’re supposed to be an impartial official, you might want to make sure you’re not being tagged in anti-cop tweets. (NOTE: These Tweets were issued 9 hours before I did a screen capture on May 29th.)


This tweet was in response to a previous tweet regarding Tamir Rice. While the content may not particularly interest you, the “#F**CKTHEPOLICE” should.


This one really speaks for itself.


Misery loves company, I suppose.


Ironic that this keyboard commando is calling the men and women who risk their lives every day “cowards.”


This account is asking paypal to suspend the account created to raise money to help the 6 officers.

If Mrs. Mosby wasn’t aware of this, then maybe she shouldn’t be using Twitter.

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