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Executive Orders Creating Slavery When Martial Law is Declared and Don’t Think it Won’t Happen

The amount of subterfuge entered into by those who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution is unconscionable! The more studying and reading I do, the less enthusiastic I am about being able to take our country back. This by no means indicates should be understood as me giving up or being defeated. In the end, we all may be defeated by those who have been working very hard for too many generations to count to bring this country to its knees (and patriots with it). However, this doesn’t mean that we stop fighting. It doesn’t mean we crawl into a cave and pull rocks over the entrance. It simply means that we stand our ground in spite of the odds that appear to be against us.

But learning more about how those who wish to destroy America have been playing the game and it’s easy to lose hope. As William Cooper said in “Behold a Pale Horse,” we may be screwed, but that doesn’t mean we stop fighting (my paraphrase).

I take comfort and strength from the folks in Nevada who have joined together to fight to the overreach of the federal government. The federal government has decided that for the sake of a turtle, Cliven Bundy must remove his cattle from the “public lands” that he and his family have used for grazing since the 1800s. If it was not an entirely asinine situation, it would almost be funny. But this is not fun and games. It’s the federal government taking a stand against American citizens and using force is clearly one option that the feds feel is necessary.

But where did all of this start? How did we get here? If I tell you, will you promise not to become unglued and immediately turn on your heel and go off in a huff because it simply sounds unbelievable to you? Thanks. I appreciate it and you will too once you come to grips with the truth.

I don’t have enough space to go all the way back to Woodrow Wilson, under which his administration the Federal Reserve was created. Let me start with more recent presidents and their use of the ol’ “executive order” (EO). Obama was not the first to use it. Bush before him was not the first. Clinton before him was not the first. Bush Sr. or Ronald Reagan before them were not the first. You get the picture. Actually, Abraham Lincoln was the first and he issued three of them.

After Lincoln, almost every president issued at least one EO (except Rutherford Hayes and James Garfield, who both issued zero). Things didn’t get hopping though until Theodore Roosevelt who issued…ready? Teddy issued 1,006 EOs. Prior to him, the most amount of EOs issued was 71 by Grover Cleveland. The president who issued the most (up to George W. Bush) should come as no surprise. FDR holds the record at 3,723. That’s a lot and what’s tragic about all of this is that these EOs are seen as law today.

George W. Bush signed 291 EOs and so far, Obama has signed 172. Of course, since the total signed prior to Bush Jr and Obama took office totaled well over 7,000, there probably wasn’t much left to sign because a plethora of Americans’ rights had been given away already. We just didn’t know it and most still don’t know it. Some who know it refuse to believe it. Are you one of them?

What is interesting of course, is that a good number of these EOs signed by presidents going back to Carter had to do with national emergencies and the creation of agencies like FEMA. As it turns out – and because of specific EOs – FEMA will have nearly unlimited power once the president of the United States declares a “national emergency.” Isn’t that neat?

I recall Bill O’Reilly recently looking at the camera responding to a letter someone had written stating their concern that President Obama was going to declare Martial Law. With a look of arrogance that O’Reilly has mastered over the past few years, he said that his show deals in reality and President Obama was not going to declare Martial Law. Okay, Bill. Sure. Sounds like Bill doesn’t know much about all the EOs that have been signed into “law” over the past few decades.

EO #11051 gives authorization to FEMA to put all EOs into effect when a national emergency or crisis is declared by the president. All the president has to do is declare a national emergency and FEMA immediately gains nearly unlimited power to do the following:

  • take over all communications
  • take over all electric, power, petroleum, gas, fuels, and minerals
  • take over all food resources and farms
  • take over all modes of transportation (highways, seaways, airways, etc.)
  • allows FEMA to force civilians into work brigades under gov’t supervision
  • registration of all people
  • relocation of communities – determine areas to be abandoned, establish new locations

All of the above were combined into one EO under Nixon. In essence, all federal agencies would come under the auspices and authority of FEMA once the president declares a national emergency and that can be done for just about any reason at all. Sorry Bill.

Is there a problem? Does anyone see anything that might be amiss, that could work against Americans?

To push it a bit further, are you aware that the Iran-Contra issue may have been used in part, as a decoy to suspend the U.S. Constitution? It didn’t come to that because the perpetrators were caught, among them Col. North. Here’s an interesting short clip of proceedings during which North was to give testimony.

The “Continuity of Government” (COG) is a very interesting and insightful phrase. While it seems innocuous on its face, it may well have been much more covert and secretive than we are led to believe. Notice on the video that the Chair asks Rep. Jack Brooks, a Democrat, to stop the line of questioning with respect to COG.

Folks, we need to realize what we are up against. There is a tremendous amount of deceit and subterfuge emanating from our government because it’s being controlled (and has been) by people who are extremely powerful and who are not necessarily part of the government. These puppet masters give the orders and the minions that are loyal to them and not to the people of the United States, jump to obey.

The more we become aware of what we are up against, the greater our chances will be for success. At the same time, we also need to be aware that we very well may fail. That should not cause us to faint, but to gather every ounce of nerve within us to face that possibility, like true patriots.

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