Exoneration! Man Convicted of Murder “Actually Innocent”

I rarely get a chance to talk about the intersection of my law firm’s practice at Novo Law Firm, P.C. and politics, but this is one I have to share.

Learn about the story of one of my firm’s clients – Derrick Hamilton, and his exoneration – not acquittal, mind you – after over 20 years in prison.

Derrick Hamilton, served over 21 years for murder based on the discredited workby disgraced NYPD Det. Scarcella. For those who don’t know, Det. Louis Scarcella has 71 of his decades-old cases under review by the Brooklyn DA’s Office for his repeated use of the same drug-addicted prostitute as a witness in several murders dating back to 1987.

Yet, throughout his years in prison, he persevered in the law library and turned into an activist for his cause and the cause of others who claimed to have suffered the same fate.

Hamilton is responsible for breaking the NY Times expose of Scarcella and winning the seminal appeal case on a new concept in NY criminal law called “actual innocence”.

Feels like the Constitution jumping off the page, doesn’t it?

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