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“Expecting Mom” Beyonce Sued for $20M And This Case Is Real!

This couldn’t have happened to a better person.

Beyonce was eating up the spotlight under Barack Obama, almost with a license to do anything she wanted as friends of the White House. Her latest music seems to push the anti-police message and has angered many Americans.

Now she’s being sued by an estate for $20M because she used a sample of a dead Youtube’s voice in her song FORMATION.

Everyone always wants to sample from the old school but never wants to pay the dues or Estates for it lol didn’t Robin Thicke do the same with Marvin Gaye when he came out with blurred lines there’s tons of artist who do the same thing not surprising.

From Daily Mail:

The estate of a late New Orleans YouTube star has filed a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit against Beyonce over the use of his voice in her song “Formation.”

The estate of Anthony Barre, who went by the name Messy Mya on YouTube, claims in the lawsuit filed in New Orleans federal court Monday that Barre’s voice is featured in the introduction to “Formation.” The complaint alleges Barre’s estate has received no payment or acknowledgment.

Barre was fatally shot in 2010.

Barre’s estate is demanding at least $20 million in damages, royalties

In addition to Beyonce, the suit names several songwriters, the video’s director and companies owned by Warner Music Group. Representatives for Beyonce and WMG didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Business is business. This is not the first time Beyonce has been accused of stealing material or half written songs from others–(Move your body). She knew she should be paying others for their work.

After, leaving Destiny’s Child, her true self came out. Make a settlement offer and move on. She will have her lawyers handle/drag it out. She believes she is above approach. God has a way to bring us back to our humble self. What good is all the money if, you are known as a thief?

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