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Exposed! Elected Socialists Posing as Democrats

In 2009, the Socialist Party of America (SPA), bolstered by the election of Barrack Obama, released the names of 70 elected socialists. All of these members of government ran under the Democrat ticket with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Attempts to receive an updated list have been unsuccessful. The Socialist Party of America seems to have gone back into the shadows.

This group of cowards hides behind the democrat banner but they are anything but that. The SPA uses generalizations on its website but promises more details with a (paid) membership. They talk about class ware-fare, social justice, feminism, homophobia, and of course the ‘worker’.

But let’s examine their posted principles:

The Socialist Party is a democratic socialist organization. We see socialism as a new social and economic order in which workers and consumers control production and community residents control their neighborhoods, homes and school and the production of society is used for the benefit of all humanity, not the private profit of a few.

Workers and consumers control production? So if the workers were tired that day perhaps they could work slower? Community residents control their neighborhoods, homes and schools? Now that’s a lie! The socialists have been funneling such control directly to Washington, D.C. Socialists have many groups and sub-groups local, state, and nationwide.

Muslims Terror Hearings
Socialist Party member Ellison comes to tears over the loss of one Muslim in the WTC on 9/11

You may recall the “New Party,” Farmer Labor Party, ACORN, labor unions, Green Party, Working Families Party, and so on. These are just some of the socialist groups that exist in our society. Below I have updated the 2009 list as best as possible given the limited information. Some of the members of the 2009 published list have since retired or are longer serving in a public capacity.

The Socialist Party will not respond to my requests for an update. Ask these members why they hide. I would ask you to contact these elected officials. Confront them about the democrat smoke screen they use to hide their real intentions.

Socialist Party USA @SocialistPartyU

Updated list of known elected members of socialist party.

Why are these democrats afraid to run under their real party affiliations? If what they are selling is so superior to capitalism, own it!

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