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Face Palm EU-Hungary Rebukes on Immigration Death Penalty

French and European papers are abuzz regarding the prospect of Hungary’s entry into the EU. This time it is not state subsidized gay lifestyle assurances from a cash strapped Eastern Europe at stake (during the invasion of Kosovo attention to gay rights took moneys from essential humanitarian assistance for refugees such as food, clothing, medicine etc.), but the death penalty in Hungary and EU directed quotas on illegal immigrant accommodations. Sounds familiar Arizona? Texas?

It seems unconscionable that the EU could not compromise an agenda given the potential for nations barely getting out of Cold War Soviet bankruptcy to fall back in Moscow’s orbit or elsewhere (Islam). Hello, Ukraine!?

YahooNews reports on the irritation of Orban:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban angered EU … insisting that Budapest had the right to debate closing the door to migrants and reintroducing the death penalty.

“Hungarians talk straight about tough things. We don’t like to beat about the bush. We are a frank people,” Orban said on a visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

He told hundreds of lawmakers and members of the European Commission, the executive of the 28-nation EU, that its new migration plan — proposing binding quotas on member states to admit refugees — was “absurd, bordering on insanity”.

This could be a precedent for war and allies alignment; also in whether the US Supreme Court would be ready to declare Civil War if a State contests for rights of existence. Forget gay rights and abortion making the womb a plantation, Federalization of justice in America would occur by a Federal ban on the death penalty.

Orban’s extenuating explanations and honesty fall on deaf ears because, from a Politically Correct diplomatic tact point of view, he is saying that the EU is committing suicide on immigration, the death penalty and ridiculous disputes. This is how honesty and care offends the Elders of liberalism. Is this an Obama form of trolling politically ultra secular non-religious un-conservative head of state? Tell us on Orban type cases, if your life and free speech is similarly affected.

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