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Matt Schlapp: The ACU Is Vindicated! Facebook Admits To Suppressing CPAC2016 Event

Facebook is certainly not alone in their bias against conservatives. Google and Yahoo are well known for their political bias. However, the source of this bias is in the leftist brainwashing centers where these kids are educated. Trained by liberal fascists in the universities to suppress free speech and try to silence/shut down any opposing view.

According to The Washington Times, Facebook rejected a story about this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference — the largest gathering of right-wing activists in the country.

Fairly early in the presidential race, I realized that even though regularly I read articles on Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and other candidates, and at times, all references to them had disappeared from my Facebook newsfeed. It was very obvious that someone was tampering with what I was seeing. My facebook page located at also suffered huge lapses of visitation from time to time which I thought strange.

ACU Press Release

ACU has been vindicated. This issue is still unresolved even after these admissions of wrongdoing by Facebook. We will continue to press this matter until we are satisfied that conservatives will be fairly treated.

Facebook has admitted to harming CPAC, but they have not called us to apologize, and they have failed to explain what they did. This two-week long investigation (it’s amazing how fast an internal investigation can be conducted) seems to scratch the surface. Sen. Thune has done the right thing to press them and we urge Congress to vigorously scrutinize Facebook to prevent deceptive practices and false advertising in the future.

Facebook will never answer to all the Conservative individuals and small organizations which had their accounts indefinitely suspended and finally terminated without just cause. They are above fairness because they are a private company that can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

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