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Facebook Welfare Recipient Angry at Obama her foodstamps went from $1170 down to $1106, Readers Enraged!

Heather Nicole Lacy went on a tirade because of a tiny drop in food stamp distribution. Please note Heather is married with 3 dependents for her stamps. Heather has been known for outlandish posts such as:

Heather Nicole Lacy
April 1 via mobile
I hate being married to someone who thinks that money and sex is the most important thing in a marriage especially when they get mad when you dont have sex with them and they try to punish u by being hateful or not giving u money to buy something.I know for sure that is not what we need to be worrying about because we already have three kids to take care that’s enough to handle for one person to handle”

Here is her latest Facebook

“Thanks a lot to Obama our foodstamps went from getting $1170 down to $1106 he is now taking food out of my kids mouth and he is only making it worse on people who need Government assistants he sucks”


Here is her Facebook page >


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