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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Has Been Ordered to Iran to Answer Charges

According to one source, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is being summoned to Iran to answer a few charges in court. I don’t like Mark Zuckerberg’s leftist policies, but I have to say he would be a complete moron to comply with Iran’s demands.

According to the article, Zuckerberg is wanted for questioning on several fronts.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been ordered by a judge in southern Iran to appear in court to answer complaints about the company violating privacy. Individuals say Facebook-owned applications Instagram and Whatsapp violate their privacy. Ruhollah Momen Nasab, an official with the paramilitary Basij force, said a judge has also ordered the two apps to be blocked.

I see, so American business owners are now supposed to ask “how high?” when an Islamic country (or any country) demands him/her to appear before them? Hard-liners in Iran are concerned that even though Facebook is banned in countries like Iran, these social networks are completely available to high-ranking officials in these countries. By the way, that’s always the way it is in regimes like Iran (Iraq, or North Korea, etc.). The top people prohibit things for the average person, but they the top dogs do whatever they want. It’s a double standard that has always existed in the world because these types of leaders believe that they are above the law. Gee, does that remind you of anyone else, closer to home?

While it’s highly doubtful that Zuckerberg will have to go to Iran (there is no extradition treaty and because he’s a leftist, he’ll be protected), the idea that some judge in an Islamic country believes they can issue an order to force an American to appear before a foreign court is beyond the pale.

But let me also say this. The Global Elite (GE) uses the same tactics and ultimately, I believe they not only want a one-world system, but when it arrives, they will use the Hague as their International Criminal Court of choice. In that case and if the one-world system existed now, it’s a very good chance that Zuckerberg would be forced to go to the Hague to answer charges to Iran.

We are definitely moving in that direction now. Recently a federal court ruled that the new law prohibiting the use of Sharia law in America’s courtrooms in that state was “unconstitutional.” The court overturned the law and is forcing the state of Oklahoma to pay Muslims who brought the lawsuit over $300,000 in fees. This is essentially stating that Sharia law must be considered when dealing with issues related to Muslims. The original measure that was signed into law was overwhelmingly approved by voters. Once again, we have judicial activism as we experienced with Prop 8 in California and Obamacare nationally.

This type of ruling should not exist in America because no special privileges would be given to any other class of people, but Muslims are being given those special privileges because of Progressivism from the left. The problem with Sharia law is manifold. “Sharia law is a problem because it is, for the most part, incompatible with established law like US Code and the US Constitution. Strict adherence to Sharia law allows for such things as honor killings, death sentences for adultery and prostitution and homosexuality, female genital mutilation, underage arranged marriages, and the beating of wives by Muslim men.”

People who do not see what’s going on in the world are the ones who are guilty of allowing history to repeat itself. Their blindness is no excuse, but they continue in it because it’s easier than resisting progressive ideology. Of course, by the time they figure out what they allowed to happen, it will be way too late. That day is coming.

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