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FAIL! This man says Trump is racist against blacks but can’t point to one racist statement

So this is what is was being pedaled throughout our neighborhoods? Why am I showing this? Because the only way you know is you have to see it.

I watched this video over and over again and for the life of me, I just don’t understand why common sense doesn’t play out in all corners of this nation. Why is this nation lacking in fundamentals? This man was outside protesting Donald Trump, with no reason just signs. He was probably just given the signs to hold and walk up and down the street, not knowing he was going to be interviewed.

Nevertheless, this man is wrong anywhere over gave him the information is also wrong. Watch this video below:

So basically come what I am led to believe is that because Trump wants to halt Muslims temporarily from entering the United States until Congress can get a handle on how to locate terrorists a lot quicker and slow down these attacks is racism? Because Trump wants to build a wall to stop illegal aliens from flowing over our current non-existent border is racism? Someone get a blanket for this guy…it’s nap time.

What did you think about this man after watching this video? Do you blame him or do you mind organizers of the protest? Share your comments and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

h/t – Twitter/ToTheXToTheY

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