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Family releases video of daughter recovering from taking ecstasy “Tiny Pill”; Please pray with them!

Young, vibrant Amy Thomson was left in critical condition at the age of 16, after attending a party in June. After taking MDMA just one time, more commonly known as ecstasy, she would never be the same again.

Amy collapsed at an “ecstasy” party at a friend’s house after taking the “tiny pill,” the Daily Mail reports. She fell into a coma and was rushed to the hospital, fighting for her life.

After months in recovery for severe brain trauma, her family has decided to release a video of her to warn other young people about the danger of trying drugs even just once.


Amy’s cousin, Kayla, expressed her support on social media, according to Metro.

“Some people may have cried, laughed or been shocked seeing the video. But this is what a tiny pill can do to you. If this isn’t an eye-opener for everyone who continues to take stuff, I dunno what is.”

Amy was rushed to the emergency room with 3 other girls, who were believed to have taken the same drug. Fortunately, the others were discharged, but Amy was put on life support for a month.

In the one little pill, Amy took a “Class A drug” that produced a massive increase in her heart rate and blood pressure, nearly ending her young life. Unlike Amy, others who have experimented with the party drug haven’t been as fortunate.

Wheelchair-bound Amy waves at the camera unsteadily and slurs her words. “Thank you everyone,” she says, as she smiles and raises her hand.

Share this story with your children and explain to them drugs never work and should not be played with at all. I hope they went after the person and threw the book at them for the results of giving this pill to Amy.

H/T – Daily MailMetro


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