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Fast-Food Workers Plan Another Strike for Higher Wages

Here we go again with the unskilled, inexperienced, and entitled fast-food worker crop planning another strike on Thursday as they demand higher wages. Labor organizations plan to increase the pressure by utilizing and encouraging civil disobedience across the nation in more than 100 cities. These groups and workers are seeking a $15 hourly wage because they claim they are hugely undervalued.

Kendall Fells, an organizing director for Fast Food Forward, said workers in a couple of dozen cities were trained to peacefully engage in civil disobedience ahead of this week’s planned protests.

“On Thursday, we are prepared to take arrests to show our commitment to the growing fight for $15,” said Terrence Hays, a Burger King employee in Kansas City, Mo., and a member of the fast-food workers’ national organizing committee.

The last time these union groups planned a one-day strike, there were only a handful of employees who actually walked out of their restaurants. Organizers claim this strike will be very different as they plan to have home-care workers join in and protest alongside the disgruntled workers. Fast-food workers are seeking wages of $15 an hour and the right to unionize without retaliation.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which represents more than 2 million workers in health care, janitorial and other industries, has been providing financial support and training for local organizers around the country.

These employees continue to claim they cannot earn a “living wage” by what these fast-food chains are paying them, but yet they choose to remain at these jobs. Baffling as that may be, these employees and union groups continue to communicate with one another and garner the attention of President Obama. He and his liberal allies have always claimed that the minimum wage or “living wage” needs to be increased.  The president continued his push to Congress on Labor Day with a speech in Milwaukee on raising the minimum wage. They all seem to have chosen not to attend their economics course or able to clearly understand how the market operates.

McdsBack in December, fast-food workers protested at a McDonald’s in New York City, about 100 protesters blew whistles and beat drums as they marched into a McDonald’s chanting “We can’t survive on $7.25.”

And in Detroit, more than 100 workers picketed outside two McDonald’s restaurants, singing “Hey hey, ho ho, $7.40 has got to go!”

There are numerous claims from employees saying they have worked at a McDonald’s or Burger King for many years or decades on $10 an hour. Guess what genius? You are more likely than not putting forth the effort required to garner a raise. Here’s a helpful piece of advice: Get another job! Learn a skill, show up to work, put forth the necessary effort, and work your way up the ladder. These jobs were never meant to support a family, but they can be with the right effort, training, motivation, and work ethic.

These bozos continue to forget how a private business operates or realize that many of these jobs have long been considered entry level or part time work; they are ‘starter jobs’. With that said, it doesn’t matter what the business makes. At the end of the day, if you are not happy with your job or what they are paying you, then you are free to find employment elsewhere.

The entitlement culture in this country continues to think they should immediately start at the top. They fail to realize what happens when this effect is actually put in motion. They have no idea, nor do they care, what a company has to do if they are forced to pay an entry-level employee a certain wage. This has drastic effects on every single employee and the prices that the consumers will pay for the products. Meanwhile, we have fast food workers spending their time and effort demanding more money instead of building skills and bettering themselves.

They’re organizing to demand more pay than their work is worth. They’re taking time to protest what a private company pays them when they should be protesting the failed economic policies that forced them into these entry-level jobs.

Learn economics and wake up and smell the fresh coffee. It will probably be served to you by an automated machine soon.

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