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FEAR! John Kerry Asked Ecuador To Stop Assange From Publishing Clinton Docs

You know that thing about tangled web and weaving, well the Obama Administration has played their corrupt hand in trying to stop Julian Assange from leaking any more Clinton/Podesta emails but using it as a leverage chip in peace talks.

Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Great Britain and strongarmed Ecuador stop Assange and Wikileaks from publishing information that was damaging Democratic nominee’s Hillary Clinton’s campaign back in September.

Now Wikileaks is alerting the cyber world what they just found out, and it’s shocking! All this corruption and Hillary still has supporters. Stuns me.

Does this leave any doubt in anyone’s mind that the government has something to hide? If it weren’t for Trump running, and Assange we the people wouldn’t know how corrupt our government is.

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I guess this shows Obama’s priorities. If they put this much into taking down terrorists, USA would have no problems. But then they think that the terrorists do not make them look bad.

When Julian was providing information on GW Bush the left sure didn’t seem to mind it but when he proves he is for the people not one political party, Kerry goes to London and demands the President of Equador cut off his internet access to the outside world.

Talk about getting your principles entirely out of whack? The left has squandered our freedoms. They will sacrifice our rights to advance their agenda of dependency and control. A vote for Clinton is a vote against the Constitution.

What are your thoughts?

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