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FECKLESS: Obama to Trump “Presidency is not a reality show”

Barack Obama has no room to talk.

I don’t even think I can contain myself because of my laughter over this ignorant statement Obama made to the GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Obama came into office and destroyed the healthcare system that didn’t need changing, turned America into a homosexual sideshow including guiding our military for his purposes and hitting almost every late-night TV show and cable show for laughs. He takes vacations, plays cards with his Reggie Love during an attack to get Osama Bin Laden, and he has the room to talk?

Man get real. I don’t even want to talk about your interview with bathroom cereal girl.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 7.41.00 PM

If there is one person nobody wants to hear for 2016, it’s this guy.

From Politico:

“With respect to the Republican process and Mr. Trump, there is going to be plenty of time to talk about his positions on various issues. He has a long record that needs to be examined. I think it is important to take seriously the statements we made in the past,” Obama said while taking questions after issuing a statement following Friday’s jobs numbers.

“This is not entertainment, this is not a reality show. This is a contest for the presidency of the United States. What that means is every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to … exacting standards of genuine scrutiny,” Obama said.

“It means that you have to make sure their budgets add up. It means that if they say that they’ve got an answer to a problem, it is actually plausible and that they have details on how it would work and if it is completely implausible and would not work, that needs to be reported on, and the American people need to know that,” he said, addressing the media. “If they take a position on international issues that could threaten war or has the potential of upending our critical relationships with other countries, or would potentially break the financial situation, that needs to be reported on.”

Wow, the man who has lead the elites in our nation for almost eight years is so disconnected from reality….History will not be kind.

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