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Fed Judge To State Dept — Clinton Aide Emails To Be Searched For Benghazi Evidence Too!

Judicial Watch is going after Hillary Clinton and her aides over their part in the Benghazi massacre that saw four Americans lose their lives unnecessarily.

It seems Judicial Watch is having to battle the Trump State Department because the Senate will not get off their collective butts and confirm the remaining 350 appointees of the Trump Administration. The swamp continues to resist change.

It’s my opinion that Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal set up the atmosphere for bad things to happen in Benghazi. Reports say they were running guns through the Embassy. More reports have documentation that Stevens signed for this to happen. I don’t know if he was involved in the actual gun-running, but he was surely eliminated in a “Custer last stand, Remember the Alamo” type of way.

Why have not all the Obama appointees been replaced, as is customary with the change of an administration for the DOJ?

Benghazi is critical because we have many people guilty as sin here. The families deserve the truth and justice.  Americans deserve to hear the truth. Thank you, Judicial Watch!

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