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Federal Court Gives Green Light For Trump AG To Go After Clinton

Just the pep in our step we needed going into the New Year.

On Tuesday, a federal court ruled that the incoming administration’s Attorney General could still go after Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, which is something a lot of supporters are happy to hear.

Clinton created a private email server against the wishes of the U.S. State Department and then merged her private unsecured emails with sensitive government emails.

During the campaign, Clinton purposely told Americans it was well within her rights to have a private email account but she consistently left out she had merged those two accounts illegally on a server not protected by the U.S. Government.

This put a lot of national classified correspondence intended for State Department eyes only in an awkward position.

From Proud Cons:

A federal court ruled Tuesday the U.S. attorney general can still get involved in supervising the release of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, offering President-elect Donald Trump an opportunity to intervene in the controversial case.

In fact, the law requires it, according to the ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. It reversed a lower court decision that the Department of State’s review of Clinton’s emails was sufficient, and any appeal for intervention by the attorney general was “moot.”

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The court provides a new opening to Trump and his attorney general designate, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions. A congressional vote confirming Sessions could occur as early as Jan. 10, but Senate Democrats indicated they will put up a stiff fight to defeat the nomination.

Current Secretary of State John Kerry refused to refer the matter to the attorney general as federal law requires. Instead, he allowed State Department officials to pick and choose which emails could be withheld and released to the public.

But the three-judge appeals court panel ruled that the Federal Records Act, “requires the agency head and Archivist to take enforcement action through the Attorney General if those (search) efforts are unsuccessful.”

The judges stated that “nothing the (State) Department did (either before or after those complaints were filed) gave appellants what they wanted. Instead of proceeding through the Attorney General, the Department asked the former secretary to return her emails voluntarily and similarly requested that the FBI share any records it obtained.

President-elect Trump stated a couple of weeks ago his administration won’t go after Clinton because he doesn’t want to hurt her. This decision gives the Attorney General the authority to go after Clinton and finish this thing she started.

What do you think will happen? Will Trump give Jeff Sessions the green light to pursue Clinton? Share your comments below.

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