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Federal Government Increasing Its Stand Against American People

Like much that has come out of the Cliven Bundy cattle situation that stretches the truth to the breaking point, the same seems to be the case with the deaths of Bundy’s cattle. Natural News is reporting that the death of Bundy’s cattle was deliberately perpetrated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Photos are now emerging of the mass graves where BLM hastily tried to bury the cattle they killed. BLM agents used government helicopters to run down cattle in 90+ degree heat while shooting the cows that couldn’t keep up. The cattle that survived were then corralled into abusive ‘bovine concentration camps’ that resulted in many cattle dying from dehydration and stress.

It would appear that whenever the government attempts to get involved in something, things go haywire, resulting in the deaths of either people, animals, or both. The tragedy related to the deaths of numerous cows owned by Cliven Bundy would not have been uncovered (at least not immediately) except for the fact that protesters converged on the site and forced the BLM to back down before BLM could hide what it had done to the cows.

The tragedy here is that the BLM (like many alphabet agencies) seem to understand the law in uniquely different terms from what is often the acceptable interpretation. Because these agencies have the backing of the federal government, they often also believe they are untouchable. That is not necessarily the case.

Critics now believe the BLM and Clark County Sheriff’s Office could face legal challenges for reckless handling of the situation. It is now obvious that they were all complicit in the commission of horrific atrocities against animals.

These type of situations will – unfortunately – repeat themselves throughout America, as I wrote in an article yesterday. The federal government’s goal has nothing to do with doing what is best for the American people. This can be traced back to Woodrow Wilson, Truman, FDR, and others. The long arm of the Global Elite (GE) has worked diligently to override the US Constitution as the law of the land.

In fact, it is clear that this type of governmental overreach is becoming the norm. Unless more Americans are willing to stand against it, we can only assume that things will become far worse for America and those who live here.

Here are two quick examples related to education in which the reaction to parents is absurd. In the first case, a mother was actually “suspended” from coming to school because of her critical remarks concerning Common Core. The mother of a student attending Sacramento City Schools was essentially accused of disrupting school activities when she passed out flyers to students directly about opting out of Common Core. As usual, a government institution (the schools) used another government institution (police) to deliver their message to the mother.

A police officer delivered a form labeled “withdrawal of consent” to the Duran home, legally banning Katherine Duran from the premises of Mark Twain Elementary for 14 days.

In another case, from Marietta, GA, police went to the home of Tracy and Mark Finney to advise them that – in spite of what the parents thought and believed – their decision to opt out of the standardized testing for their children in Special Education is being viewed as a “kind of a trespassing situation.” I’m sorry, what? Trespassing?

I asked my wife about this (since she has a great deal of Special Education in her background. She indicated that it’s a bit convoluted. The school has made the rule that if students do not take the standardized testing, they can be held back a grade. At the same time, that decision would need to be made with the full involvement of parents. In essence then, while the school says they can do that, it’s not their sole decision to make.

Moreover, the idea that the school felt the need to send the police to the Finney’s home as a sort of “warning” to them is completely absurd. Today, many school districts like to keep parents in the dark. Let’s face it. Parents who know their rights regarding their children are not good for the school because those parents will begin to see that what the school district does in many cases is simply run roughshod over rights to get what they want done. By the way, this is also why the federal government doesn’t want its citizens to be quoting from the U.S. Constitution. It is also why the same government is trying very hard to paint patriots as the worse kind of “terrorists.”

Whether Americans will continue to put up with this type of tyranny from the federal government remains to be seen. It appears as though more and more people are waking up to the fact that the federal government likes to trample our rights because they can and they have a ton more resources (based solely on the taxes that taxpayers pay) to bring their goals to fruition in spite of our rights that often stand in direct confrontation with those governmental goals.

While the future appears wide open, it is also very likely that the feds will not give up. They will simply try different things to mask their intentions.

Whether it’s the BLM or local police, when they do the bidding of the federal government, they deliberately place themselves against the average American. It’s their choice and their fault as well.

We need to realize that the federal government is no friend of Americans. How can it be when it is beholden to countries like Saudi Arabia and China? It is too busy doing favors to them to be concerned about how those favors impact Americans.

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Dr. Fred is the author of numerous articles and a growing number of books related to conservative theology and politics. Fred has earned a Bachelor's degree in Bible, a Masters in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology. Fred's weekly program - Truth Trends - is heard on Wayne Dupree's WAARadio network from 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST.

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