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Feds Issue Warning: ISIS is operating in Mexican Border Town

Judicial Watch is reporting that several high-level officials in intelligence and law enforcement have confirmed to them that ISIS, the terrorist organization successfully carving their own nation out of Iraq and Syria, are operating in Juarez, Mexico. Juarez sits directly across from El Paso, Texas. The area is one of the busiest crossing points on the US/Mexico border. The organization has, in the past, made violent threats to the United States.

They notoriously and tragically beheaded journalist James Foley after holding him for years. Currently, they’re ransoming an American woman. Some estimates of the number of western hostages in their custody range into the dozens. In a charming display of Allah’s will, they stripped 250 captured Syrian soldiers to their underwear and marched them into the desert for mass execution. For what it’s worth, apparently even Al-Qaeda and Iran don’t like them.

And now they reside in our neighbor to the south, a nation ravaged and dominated by a multi-sided drug war that has seen more than its share of carnage indistinguishable from ISIS tactics, in a city that’s about civil war era cannon range from over half a million American citizens. That would be bad enough if the border was closely watched. Juarez/El Paso itself may be a well guarded checkpoint but it is surrounded by hundreds of miles of depressingly non-existent border security.

Untold numbers cross that border everyday from Mexico, and elsewhere. It has only increased in the last few months as illegal immigration into the US became official administration policy. Critics are demonized for not having a heart for all these unfortunate souls seeking the opportunities (handouts) available in the US. In and of itself that still wouldn’t be sufficient justification for such an irresponsible security failure. But that guilt trip glosses over the varied criminal activity that crosses over with them. Murders, rapes, child rapes, violent assaults and robberies, drug running, and human trafficking, all enabled by lax enforcement. Now, it’s a certainty that there are some on the border looking to cross, not to provide for their families, but to butcher yours.

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