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Feeling illegal immigration pressure from Donald Trump, Jeb Bush releases 6-point border security plan

Donald Trump has been out front and gathered a lot of support from the GOP conservative base on his fight to stop illegal aliens from coming into this country. He’s been slammed by the media, liberal and moderate Republican establishment as if he wasn’t genuine. Candidates Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul have all targeted Trump but as this has happened, Trump’s popularity grows.

Today, Jeb Bush, who just yesterday in an interview with NBC News Lester Holt, said Trump is a “phenomenon” offered a six-point plan Monday emphasizing better security at the border and improved enforcement of existing laws.

“Any plan to address the status of illegal immigrants must be accompanied by a robust strategy to improve border security,” Bush wrote in a post on the Medium website.

His proposals include a beefed-up border patrol, tighter rules for businesses that employ migrant workers, and a crackdown on “sanctuary cities” that give shelter to migrants who are in the country illegally.

In his Medium post, Bush said his border security plan has six main points:

  • A “forward-leaning” Border Patrol with the flexibility to deploy resources to meet threats;
  • New technologies — including drones — to achieve continuous surveillance of the border;
  • Better border infrastructure, including new roads into remote areas that will improve patrols;
  • Electronic verification of employment eligibility, to make sure that workers are in the United States legally;
  • Identify and “send home” people who overstay their visas or otherwise violate the terms of entry into the country;
  • “Crack down” on sanctuary cities that “undermine efforts to enforce immigration laws.”

However the devil is in the details. Bush is still for pathway to citizenship for illegals currently in the country that uses a “rigorous” process to grant legal status to qualified migrants provided they “pass a thorough criminal background check, pay fines, pay taxes, learn English, obtain a provisional work permit and work, (and) not receive federal government assistance.”

This is a HALT, STOP for all conservatives and one major reason why he’s not picking up steam with them.

The plan comes hours before a Monday night forum in New Hampshire featuring most of the Republican presidential candidates.

The first GOP debate of the season takes place Thursday night in Cleveland.

What do you think of this plan only a few days before the debate? Do you trust Bush enough to even give it a second thought? Share your views below and add this to your twitter/facebook timeline for discussion.

H/T – Medium

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