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Ferguson protesters plan march, civil disobedience next month; How about a day without violent crime?

A silent march and a day of civil disobedience are among the events being planned for next month in Ferguson to mark the first anniversary of the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, an event that galvanized the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Here is what the media has spun to black communities over a year now – Michael Brown, 18, who was black and unarmed, was killed during a confrontation with Ferguson officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. Though some witnesses claimed that Brown had his hands up in surrender, both a St. Louis County grand jury and the U.S. Department of Justice cleared Wilson of wrongdoing. He resigned from the police force in November.

But let’s try a little more truth here:

Michael Brown, 18, was fatally shot after he attempted to kill Ferguson officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014 with his own gun. This incident occurred shortly after Brown had committed a strong armed robbery of a local convenience store. Both a St. Louis County grand jury and the U.S. Department of Justice cleared Wilson of any wrongdoing and exonerated him.

There was some initial controversy because several “witnesses” lied and said Brown was attempting to surrender when in fact he was charging Officer Wilson moments after attempting to kill him. Those witnesses were later discredited by forensic evidence and multiple black witnesses who actually had seen the shooting.

The media was also faulted for failing to investigate the facts of the case and simply repeating the unsupported statements of activists and race baiters in a way which eventually sparked riots when Officer Wilson was justifiably cleared. Wilson, although exonerated, resigned from the police force in November 2014 to take the pressure from his fellow officers and the City of Ferguson.”


I think that just about covers the truth the liberal media didn’t want to accept to push. And let’s talk about this march of remembrance for someone who made a decision not to obey a lawful order by police. Let’s not praise the disrespect, let’s find meaningful marches that can help the community such as:

  • How about a day without violent crime?
  • A day dedicated to education and job training?
  • A day dedicated to a family unit?
  • A day without drug use?
  • A day without getting pregnant by yet another person who will not help raise your next welfare baby?
  • A day of respect towards other people? A day where you do not blame whites for the problems you have brought upon yourself?
  • A day where you people actually give to society?

Oh wait…..I forgot who I was talking about….professional protesters!

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