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Fiorina offers $2M to Trump’s veterans rally and debate him one-on-one; if accepted, both could face this RNC punishment!

Businesswoman, millionaire Carly Fiorina has decided to forgo the Republican National Committee rules and demand a one-on-one debate with the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump .

Reading the headline, it’s a generous donation that nobody would ever want to turn down especially for the wounded veterans, but Trump can’t take up this offer because according to the RNC rules

Any presidential candidate who participates in any debate that is not a Sanctioned Debate shall not be eligible to participate in any further Sanctioned Debates.

What is going on here? Are the Republican candidates not paying attention to the rules of the RNC? Are they purposely trying to get Trump disqualified from future debates?

From Breitbart:

“My campaign will also donate $1.5 million to veterans’ cause to join debate Saturday in Sioux City, @tedcruz @realDonaldTrump,” Fiorina posted on Twitter, adding, “Upping the ante, I’m free tomorrow at 8pm, @realDonaldTrump. My campaign will give $2mm to veterans’ cause to debate at Drake U.”

Fiorina is in the earlier debate hosted by Fox News on Thursday night, so she will be finished in time for Trump’s event benefiting veterans at Drake University and wants to donate $2 million to the cause in order to debate him there.

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I can’t believe both Senator Ted Cruz and Fiorina would look past the rules and risk being punished to get Trump out of the race. Remember, in law, ignorance is no excuse. What are your thoughts? Do you think these candidates know the rules or are they purposely trying to sabotage Trump?

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