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Fiorina supports SCOTUS decision as “Law of the Land”; but wait…that’s not what she said? – VIDEO

GOP Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina seems to have forgotten what she said on video and Caffeinated is on point with calling her out on this subject.

Fiorina had an interview with Radio Show host Jan Mickelson and who asked her about a statement she was viewed through a video where Carly, speaking about same-sex marriage, specifically stated “I think the Supreme Court ruling will become the law of the land……I wouldn’t support an amendment to reverse it.”

According to, Fiorina responded to Mickelson:

“Actually, with all due respect Jan, I think that is a quote from someone else, not from me. I know there are many Republican candidates, Kasich among them, who have said those exact words, but there is no doubt, there is no doubt that we have a problem with our judiciary,” Fiorina responded.

Now that’s news to a lot of people that hadn’t heard that before. Mickelson said, “so you never said that?”

“I am not aware of having said that. I am aware of other candidates saying that. I think this probably came up with the recent decision on gay marriage. My comment on that was we must exert enormous energy towards protecting religious liberty in this country, and that means every state has to pass a religious freedom protection act. We have had those pass in many states, and I stood strong and defended Indiana when everybody was piling on Indiana, but it is clear we have to pass those laws at the state level, as well as, the federal level,” Fiorina said.

Here is the video in context and as you can see these are Fiorina’s exact words:

Here is the transcript:

“I think the Supreme Court ruling will become the law of the land, and however much I may agree or disagree with it, I wouldn’t support an amendment to reserve it. I very much hope that we would come to a place now in this nation where we can support their decision and at the same time support people to have, to hold religious views and to protect their right to exercise those views,” Fiorina told Caffeinated Thoughts after a Dallas County Republican event in May.

h/t – Caffeinated Thoughts

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