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FIREWORKS! Geraldo to Bolling: “You said that to make me look stupid and I don’t like it”

Geraldo went off the deep end this time! Eric Bolling, you are awesome for holding your ground and not flinching when Geraldo got in your face. Geraldo loses his temper when he knows he has nothing else. No facts, just emotional outrage over who knows what.

The argument started when both men were talking about the Iran deal and President Hassan Rouhani that “death to America” isn’t directed at the American people.

It seemed as if Rivera took the side of the Iranians pointing out there are “plenty of reasons the Iranians have a beef against us,” and he cited the 1988 accidental shooting of Iran Air Flight 655.

When Bolling asked him if he thinks the U.S. shot it down on purpose, Rivera exploded and got all up in Bolling’s face:

“Why do you say something stupid like that? That’s like stupid! You said that to make me look stupid and I don’t like it! I don’t like it!

Sad that Al Capone’s vault was the acme of Geraldo’s career.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 7.34.09 PM

Check out the video report here:

h/t – Buzz Sourse

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