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First Starbucks and Now Chipotle – Are These Actually Pro-Gun People or Just People Hired to Act Like it?

Something is just not right here. We all remember when Starbucks went public and asked customers to stop bringing guns into their stores. When I first heard about it, I was a bit troubled by the decision. Then I started doing some research and saw too many photos of Starbuck’s customers who were acting pretty strange, at least for individuals who attested to be pro-gun.

Two alleged pro-gun customers at Starbucks.
Two alleged pro-gun customers at Starbucks.

There were plenty of pictures of customers not only with open carry sidearms (safely holstered), but there were too many photos of people who had their guns out of their holsters and even some with AR weapons. The problem is that these individuals – while advocating and taking advantage of “open carry” laws – laws that allow guns to be worn outside the clothing in a holster – wind up unnecessarily intimidating other customers who don’t like guns. In other words, these pro-gun people are shoving their rights down the throats of people who get freaked when they see a gun.

starbucks2What is the point? What purpose does it serve? We’ll get to that in a minute. But first, let’s take a look at a few more photos to see what we can see. See the one on the left, with the guys holding their guns in their hands? Now, while they might argue that their weapons are empty, their actions could still be considered illegally brandishing their weapons. This is not the way responsible gun owners act, which raised a red flag for me.

See the other image (below left)? Please note that there are several magazines on the table in front of the pistols AND each gun obviously has a magazine in it. If the guns did not have magazines in them, there would be an empty space on the very bottom of starbucks3the gun (for those who are unfamiliar with where the magazine goes). If I walked into a Starbucks and saw those two pistols on the table next to coffee with three extra LOADED magazines near the guns AND with each gun having a magazine in it, I would NOT be happy. I would likely report it to the manager and it is due to the fact that the guns are “brandished” – out in the open and looking as though they are fully loaded with no one controlling them.

starbucks4The bottom photo on the right shows the proper – and legal – way to open carry. Please notice that the gun is properly holstered and the trigger is completely covered (protected) by the holster. It cannot accidentally go off. The gun is not out in the open, sitting idly by on the top of the table (fully loaded with no one in control of it). It is safely holstered where it can do no damage to anyone.

Because of this type of nonsense, Starbucks felt forced to publicly ask their customers to stop bringing guns into their stores. Now, the same thing has happened with Chipotle. People began doing the same thing at Chipotle that they did at Starbucks. This resulted in the same response from Chipotle after anti-gun people began complaining to the company about alleged pro-gun people bringing guns and semi-automatic rifles into Chipotle restaurants.

chipotle3This is too coincidental, as far as I’m cchipotle2oncerned. Check out the photos. The one on the left reminds me of either two Bozos, or something else entirely. The short guy on the right had plenty of images of himself at home with his guns, at Chipotle with guns. Something is screwy. Notice the image on the immediate right. Several guys are just sitting at Chipotle with huge grins on their faces.

Good gosh a’mighty, you’d think they just invented a new way to flatulate or something! Frankly, I know of NO gun owners who act like this. Not one and I’ve been around gun owners for most of my life since I was a kid. My father taught me all the rules about guns and he always treated guns as though they were loaded and had the greatest respect for them. As a gun owner myself, I would NEVER openly carry even though it is legal in Georgia to do so. Why should I send out notice to everyone that I have a gun? That’s asinine. It simply creates issues for me. It’s concealed for a reason and it will never come out of its hiding place unless there is a lethal need for it. I pray that day never comes.

Okay, so what is my point? It’s simple. I can’t prove anything so I’m simply thinking out loud, but I’d be willing to bet that at least some of these individuals were HIRED to portray gun enthusiasts and deliberately go into establishments like Starbucks and now Chipotle, create enough of a negative presence so that customers would complain to management, then Moms Demand Action can take it from there all the way to the top of each company. Result? Company owners will “cave” to the pressure of the anti-gun crowd so that a new policy would be put into place that asks customers to leave their guns at home.

Could this be possible? Absolutely. As it turns out the Obama administration has been using “Operation Choke Point” to force banks and online payment service companies to stop dealing with gun stores and gun companies. If banks stop extending lines of credit to gun stores and manufacturers, it forces them to look for funding elsewhere. If they cannot find it, they will go out of business. It’s really that simple.

As I say, I can’t prove this, but I do know that no one that I personally know ever acts the way these individuals do with their guns at a Starbucks or Chipotle. They deliberately appear to be reckless in the way they hold their weapons and don’t seem to care who is intimidated by the presence of guns. That is not the way a true conservative pro-gun person acts. They simply don’t.

I would not put any of this past this administration to do. I wouldn’t put this past Nanny Bloomberg to do either. If the left cannot remove guns from society via the law, I can easily see them using these type of tactics to accomplish their agenda.

The question now is which business will be “hit” next? It will most likely be a restaurant, so let’s keep our eyes peeled.

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