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Five Children Exposed to Ebola in Dallas

Officials announced in a news conference today that among 12-18 people suspected as being exposed to Ebola…. five are children. Health officials learned of the possible contact between patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, and the children on Wednesday. At this point they are not showing any symptoms and are being closely monitored from home.

Dallas Independent School District Superintendent confirmed that the children had attended school after being in contact with Mr. Duncan over the weekend. He also says that there will be extra custodial and medical staff at the FIVE schools the children attended.

Other than the children, we know that the paramedics who transported Duncan to the hospital are being isolated. The ambulance, however, remained in use for two days. City of Dallas spokeswoman, Sana Syed, emphasizes that the paramedics decontaminated it after each use according to national standards.

CDC Director Thomas Frieden said that officials were attempting to locate anyone who had come into contact with Mr. Duncan. When they locate these contacts they will not be quarantined…only monitored for 21 days.

More reports to come….

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