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FL Prosecutors release Fields photos making it impossible to charge Lewandowski

I guess you can say the game is over.

If there has been anyone from wall to wall on this story it is The Gateway Pundit. They have been lock, stock, and barrel wrapped up in getting the story of Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski to the public.

Jim Hoft is the owner of the GP website, and he has made it a personal mission to get to the truth of incident that happens a month or so ago. He has even gone as far as to call out conservative women who are anti-Trump and demand they apologize for crafting up a letter

Today, the Florida prosecutors dropped the bombshell by releasing these photos showing the Secret Service asking Fields to leave the area and she disregarded those instructions.


Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.47.48 PM


From The Gateway Pundit:

Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg, a Hillary Clinton supporter, announced today that his office would not charge Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski with battery assault charges.

Charges were not filed against Corey Lewandowski today.

Assistant State’s Attorney Adrienne Ellis told reporters there were no photos of bruising on Michelle Fields’ phone.

There was also a press conference from the prosecutor where they stated Fields was warned but broke Trump’s protective bubble.

Our decision, Ms. Ellis memorandum and our decision in this case had nothing to do with the existence or non-existence of an apology.

Fields tweeted this out last night that she would be ok with an apology, but that never came from Lewandowski.

Watch the full press briefing here:

I have heard through channels Fields was going to sue Lewandowski in civil court. Do you think that’s a good idea? Do you think she should continue this line of thinking? Share your comments (below) and tell us what you are thinking about this mess.

h/t – The Gateway Pundit

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